Puglian Carnival: amidst allegorical floats and sweet delights

The Carnival in Puglia is an extraordinary celebration featuring allegorical floats, dances, traditions, and, of course, culinary delights.

The Carnival in Puglia is an extraordinary celebration featuring allegorical floats, dances, traditions, and, of course, culinary delights.

It's time to immerse ourselves in the magical world of Carnival, a celebration of joy and traditions that spans Italy from north to south. Carnival is a traditional festival held in many Italian cities, especially in Venice and Viareggio, each with its unique characteristics. During Carnival, the streets come alive with colors, elaborate costumes, festive music, and allegorical parades.

While the Carnival of Venice enchants with its elaborate masks, Puglia is gearing up to celebrate this festival with its unique touch, culminating in the lively atmosphere of Putignano.

Putignano: the heart of puglian Carnival

The Carnival of Putignano is one of Italy's oldest and most famous carnivals. It takes place in the town of Putignano, in Puglia, and boasts a tradition dating back to the distant year of 1394, making it one of the oldest carnivals in Europe.

Every year, the Carnival of Putignano sees the town transform into a vibrant stage, with magnificent allegorical floats at the center of the festivities. Originating from the 19th century, these floats are an essential part of the Carnival of Putignano, bringing emotion and magic to one of Italy's most captivating celebrations. The streets come alive with music, dance, and a festive atmosphere.

But what would Carnival be without its traditional sweets?

Typical Carnival sweets in Puglia: a journey of taste

During this season, Puglia delights palates with light and crispy "chiacchiere," covered in delicate powdered sugar. Chiacchiere, golden and fragrant, are the quintessential symbol of Puglian Carnival.

An anecdote linked to the city of Naples and Queen Savoy tells of a moment when, engrossed in conversation, the queen was suddenly struck by an uncontrollable hunger. On that occasion, she turned to the court chef, Raffaele Esposito, asking him to prepare a sweet, later named "Chiacchiere."

Tenerelli are another delicacy that characterizes Carnival in Puglia. These colorful treats, with almonds and hazelnuts coated in chocolate, captivate the palate with their goodness, serving as the sweet melody accompanying the celebrations.

Frappe represent the crunchy side of Carnival. These fried pastries, coated in sugar or honey, offer a perfect contrast to the lightness of "chiacchiere" and the variety of "tenerelli." An explosion of flavor in every bite.

Amidst festive masks and timeless traditions, the typical Puglian sweets of Carnival are the soul of this celebration. So, as you immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere of Carnival, be sure to delight your palate with the sweet treats that only Puglia can offer during this festive season.


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