Rediscovering Salento's roots with the XIII Convivium of the Madonna te li Pampasciuni

The XIII Convivium of the Madonna te li Pampasciuni offers a unique opportunity to explore and rediscover the deep roots and culinary traditions of the enchanting Salento.

The XIII Convivium of the Madonna te li Pampasciuni offers a unique opportunity to explore and rediscover the deep roots and culinary traditions of the enchanting Salento.

In the heart of Salento, the "Confraternita del Pampascione salentino" plays a central role in the crucial task of recovering and promoting Salento's culinary traditions.

The origins

The history of the Confraternita del Pampascione traces its roots back to the festival of Madonna dell'Addolorata in Acaya, also known as "matonna te li pampasciuni." In the past, a festival dedicated to this celebration animated the area, but over time, it lost its charm. However, the members of the confraternity revitalized the spirit and atmosphere of this extraordinary gathering. Headquartered in Alezio and led by Prior Vinicio Malorgio from Tuglie, the confraternity has earned official recognition from the Fice (Federazione Italiana Circoli Gastronomici), attesting to its commitment to the recovery and promotion of Salento's culinary traditions, boasting a membership of over a hundred. 

The Future Lies in the Roots

The pampascione, a violet onion typical of Southern Italy, becomes a metaphor for the goals of the Confraternity. Once considered a grown over plant, it is now an endangered product that grows only in uncultivated land and on the edges of dirt roads. The confraternity aims to revive universal values such as friendship, solidarity, and a sense of responsibility towards others, around a table laden with recipes centered on the pampascione. Alongside other spontaneous plants, it is used to enhance the flavors of traditional dishes in the poor cuisine.

The message of the pampascione is clear: the future lies in the roots. This product from the Salento land represents not only a piece of culinary history but also invites everyone to remember their origins and cherish cultural roots. The Confraternita del Pampascione is committed to preserving and promoting this heritage, emphasizing the importance of safeguarding traditions to build a solid future.

XIII Convivium Madonna te li Pampasciuni

From March 1 to 3, 2024, the XIII edition of the Convivium of the Madonna te li Pampasciuni will take place, an extraordinary event that includes an unmissable tour, providing a unique opportunity to explore the cultural and culinary riches of Salento, with a special focus on the central role of the pampascione.

The itinerary allows participants to immerse themselves in the heart of the Confraternita, unveiling the architectural and gastronomic wonders of this captivating region. Participants will have the opportunity to savor traditional recipes that highlight the taste and authenticity of this Salento ingredient, now a symbol of identity and belonging. The XIII Convivium of the Madonna te li Pampasciuni promises an unforgettable experience, blending history, art, and gastronomy in an engaging journey through the Salento lands.

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