On March 19th in Salento between zeppole, ciciri e tria e tavole rotonde

In this land kissed by the sun and millenary traditions, March 19 is  not just a Father's Day, it is much more. This day is a unique opportunity to rediscover the roots of a culture rich in history and culinary delights.

In this land kissed by the sun and millenary traditions, March 19 is  not just a Father's Day, it is much more. This day is a unique opportunity to rediscover the roots of a culture rich in history and culinary delights.

In the heart of Salento, March 19th is not just Father's Day. It's a moment where traditions come to life. Today, we invite you to discover how this day is celebrated in Salento, amidst the traditions of zeppole, ciciri e tria, and the round tables of Saint Joseph.

Zeppole: Culinary Delight to Enjoy with Family

In Salento March 19th is synonymous with delicious sweets and festive atmospheres. One of the most beloved traditions is that of zeppole, fried or baked, which captivate the palates of both young and old. Prepared with genuine ingredients and loving care, these delicacies are a true symbol of Saint Joseph.

But where does the name "zeppola" comes from?

Some believe that its name derives from the "zeppa," a piece of wood used to correct defects in furniture, in reference to the carpentry trade attributed to Saint Joseph. On the other hand, the term could derive from the word "serpens," meaning serpent, due to the shape of the sweet, resembling a serpent coiled upon itself.

Ciciri e Tria: the authentic taste of tradition

A rustic dish with an unmistakable flavor. Chickpeas and homemade semolina pasta, sautéed with garlic and oil and fried pasta. A simple yet meaningful dish, symbolizing prosperity and abundance. Each bite is a journey into the authentic flavors of Salento, a continuous discovery of culinary traditions that withstand the test of time.

The Round Tables of Saint Joseph: a dive into antiquity

March 19th in Salento goes beyond just tasting zeppole. Another fascinating tradition is that of the round tables of Saint Joseph. On this occasion, families gather around tables laden with traditional delicacies, in an atmosphere of celebration and gratitude. The round tables of Saint Joseph are true artistic masterpieces, meticulously arranged in honor of Saint Joseph, the patron saint of fathers and workers. Every detail is carefully studied: fresh flowers, bread loaves, legumes, dried fruits, and much more, creating visually stunning compositions rich in meaning.

And as one savors the flavors of the past, it becomes clear that traditions are the true treasure of this land, a heritage to be cherished and passed down to future generations.

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